Custom Airbrushing on T-shirts, Vehicles, Walls, Canvas, and much more!



Whats New to RCG

Rix Custom Grafix has a Retail Store located in Hamilton Montana - 421 South First St. - Come in and see us!





T-Shirt Printing and Prices

T-Shirts Available

Light color T-Shirts with a front or back design available for $20.00. Dark color T-Shirts with a front or back design available for $30.00. These shirts are with a basic custom design tailored to you and your specific occasions.




Get Personal

Have a T-Shirt made with your own custom design.

A custom T-Shirt is a great idea for birthdays, holidays, special events, and for the "I've got a great idea for a shirt". A custom white t-shirt is only $20.00 with a basic design. You can buy only one shirt at a time with no additional cost.




















Custom T-Shirts and Other Apparel

Custom designs or art for jean jackets, leather jackets, jeans, sweatshirts, and more. The creativity is up to you. What would you like to have painted on your clothing? Have an airbrush of your favorite pet. Car enthusiasts love their car in airbrush designs on a t-shirt. Whatever your interests are you can have custom designs painted on apparel.









Custom paint is a great way express yourself on your motorcycle, vehicle, and tailgate. Have custom graphics painted on your so it is a one of a kind. This is your chance to have a car that does not look like anyone ele's.








Airbrush the walls! Have your bedroom painted to fit your style. A church nursery room is great to have cool and exciting things painted on the walls.







Airbrushed Helmets

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Basic T-Shirt Designs

Rix started airbrushing in 1989 in malls and fairs on t-shirts, sweatshirts, jean jackets, and other apparel wear. We offered simple name, couples, state, and misc designs that could be painted in a couple of minutes.