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Catalog contains T-Shirts for sale in a variety of categories.



Whats New to RCG

Rix Custom Grafix has a Retail Store located in Hamilton Montana - 421 South First St. - Come in and see us!





T-Shirt Printing and Prices

T-Shirts Available

Light color T-Shirts with a front or back design available for $20.00. Dark color T-Shirts with a front or back design available for $30.00. These shirts are with a basic custom design tailored to you and your specific occasions.




Get Personal

Have a T-Shirt made with your own custom design.

A custom T-Shirt is a great idea for birthdays, holidays, special events, and for the "I've got a great idea for a shirt". A custom white t-shirt is only $20.00 with a basic design. You can buy only one shirt at a time with no additional cost.




School Design T-Shirts

Shool Logo Shirts

Different school designs to offer a variety of designs to show your school spirit.

School Activities Shirts

Sports, Clubs, Events, Cheerleading, and more. Contact us to help design a custom shirt for your special club, team, event, or fund raiser.

Senior Class Shirts

Every year seniors want to stand out. Have a custom design made just for your class. Imagination and creativity are here for your special year. If you have an idea you would like for a class shirt, get in touch with us and we will help you achieve the final results.



State Design T-Shirts

Montana Shirts

We carry a wide variety of designs. Check out the ideas available today!

Your Home State

Make a design that is fitting to your home area. Whether it is mountains with wildlife or the beach with many palm trees let us help you create a custom shirt.



Misc Design T-Shirt

Special Events and Clubs

Have a design created to help with fund raising of your specific club or event.

Have a Funny Saying?

Create a shirt that makes everyone laugh or has just been in your mind, but you thought it was too expensive to have a shirt made. Design can be as low as $20.00 for the T-Shirt with the printed design.

Car Enthusiasts

Have a car or truck you really like and would like to have it on a T-Shirt? Give us a try. We will take your picutre of your vehicle and put it in a design with information you would like it to say for around $20.00, and that includes the T-Shirt!

Special Holidays

Give shirts as gifts for specials occasions or just have a shirt for yourself. They are great for birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's Day, or any other special occasion.